Basher Tarr is the munitions expert of the team. Talking with a heavy cockney accent, often in rhyming slang, Basher is more in it for the thrills than for the money, even calling Rusty and Danny ‘proper villains’ as opposed to the fools or rather "tossers" he unsuccessfully tries to rob a bank with in Eleven which led to his arrest before Rusty, disguised as an ATF agent, freed him.

He is brought in to create the blackout necessary for Danny and Linus to get down the elevator shaft in Eleven, and simulates an earthquake with a drilling machine in Thirteen which Turk Malloy and Turk's own brother, Virgil are seen operating during the operation.

He later leaves to go into the field and is successful in buying Virgil just enough time to alter the identities of the group after Livingston Dell is arrested.


Personality, appearance, and traits



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