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A heist worked by Ocean's Eleven with the intention of robbing Las Vegas hotel-casinos: Bellagio, Mirage, and MGM Grand.




Reconnaissance - This was the first task, this involved in knowing the daily routines of the three chosen casinos; including movement of staff (eg. casino security, rotation of the dealers etc.), possible escape routes, the personal details of the staff etc.

Power - This was second task, this involved in gaining access to power grid of the three casinos and switching the power off by any means in hope of disabling the casino's alarm systems.

This task ran into problems when a "poxy" demo crew for Ruben's old hotel were fixing the power grid after the demolition. However Danny Ocean and some of his crew were able to steal a pinch for Basher to blackout the whole city instead and cause loads of chaos even for just half a minute of blackout.

Surveillance - This was the third task, this involved in the reconnaissance of the casino's security surveillance systems by tapping into it for Livingston and Danny's crew to use and monitor the proceedings of the job.

Construction - This was the fourth task, this involved in the construction of a replica vault identical to the Bellagio's vault to practise as well as to record footage to be tapped into the Bellagio security systems to make it look like it is being stolen by the 3 men but the fact was something else took place in there.

Intelligence - This was the fifth task, this involved in keeping a eye on Terry Benedict and his movements as he receives a file that contains the daily codes for the vault and the total amount in the vault.

Transport - The last task was to acquire the necessary vehicles in order to execute the Job. The vehicles procured were a blank white van to carry a decoy of bags of money where it contained flyers for hookers instead; a delivery van to hold the pinch, and the SWAT truck to transport the fake 'SWAT' team to the site.

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