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Baron François Toulour is a French-Italian nobleman living in Lake Como, Italy. He is the secondary antagonist in the 'Ocean's' trilogy, serving as the main antagonist in Ocean's Twelve and the secondary antagonist in Ocean's Thirteen.


Toulour comes from a very wealthy inheritance. His father was a French industrialist and his mother, whom he never met, was of Italian nobility. As his secret identities, two of which are The Night Fox and Moretti, he made a successful career thieving as a result of being the mentee of the renowned thief Gaspar LeMarc. After stealing the King of Morocco's yacht, he and the King became sporting companions.

Faberge Egg Contest

In order to compete for bragging rights over who was the better thief, Toulour proposed to Danny the idea of a contest for the theft of the famous Faberge Coronation Egg. As an incentive for Danny to accept, Toulour offered to satisfy Benedict's ultimatum for the crew.

Bank Job

Terry Benedict hired Toulour to observe Ocean's crew in the process of committing the Bank Job. He stole the fake diamonds from Linus at gunpoint, thinking they were the real ones.