Frank Catton is an American croupier recruited for Ocean's crew as an inside man during the Benedict Job. While most of the other crew members could gather information on Terry Benedict’s casinos as customers, Frank had better access to the casinos’ employees and their activities. After the Benedict Job, he and Rusty Ryan pulled the Bulgari Job together in Rome. Three and a half years afterward, while at his nail salon, he received an ultimatum from Benedict. In order to pay back the money they stole from Benedict, he and the crew traveled to Amsterdam, even though he knew that he and Rusty would be risking capture by Roman detective Isabel Lahiri. After their first attempt to raise money is thwarted, Frank was arrested by Isabel and sat in prison until the crew won the Fabergé Coronation Egg Contest. Sometime after the contest, fellow crew member Reuben Tishkoff suffered a heart attack, which caused the crew to again come together in order to get revenge on Willy Bank, who was responsible for Reuben’s ailment. Using his talent as a croupier, Frank again became the inside man for the Bank Job. He posed as an up-and-coming gamer looking for placement on the casino floor during The Bank Casino’s grand opening. After he obtained exceptional placement in the center room of the casino floor, he used the spot to monitor guests and the activities in that area as the crew pulled the job.


Benedict Job

Bulgari Job

Bank Job

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