Linus Caldwell is a person in the modern Ocean's gang. The son of a legendary con artist, Linus is one of two newcomers to Danny’s crew, recruited by Danny in person after demonstrating his pickpocket skills – which will be one of the essential parts of the elaborate heist. Throughout the trilogy, Linus repeatedly makes attempts to gain respect as a leader figure of the crew, almost to the point of obsession. At various times, he seems to succeed: he outsmarts Danny in Eleven by bringing new batteries for the explosives, and in Twelve gets a chance to run things when half the crew end up in prison.

In Thirteen, he even takes on the challenge of wooing a woman, despite not being the charmer of the gang (which is mentioned to be Rusty), though he uses a "Gilroy," a chemical aid, for this trick, and likewise, all his positive attempts at gaining control are playfully dismissed by Danny and Rusty, most notably in the meeting with Matsui in Twelve where they trick Linus into believing he offended Matsui with his Kashmir lyrics.


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