Robert "Rusty" Ryan

Robert "Rusty" Ryan is one of the main characters in the Ocean's franchise. In Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen, Rusty was Danny's right hand man helping to negotiate jobs and plan them. In the start of Ocean's Eleven, Rusty picks up Danny after Danny was released from prison.

Rusty was also suspicious about Danny's intentions in the Benedict Job, since Rusty noticed, that Danny's ex-wife, Tess worked at the casino and was Terry's girlfriend/fiance.

In Ocean's Twelve it is revealed, that Rusty had run a number of failed hotels and was down $25 Million in debt to Terry Benedict, when adjusting for inflation. In Ocean's Twelve it was also revealed, that Rusty had a serious relationship with Isabel Lahiri between the timeline of Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve.

In Ocean's Twelve, Rusty, Danny and Linus will negotiate together with Matsui, with Linus making a critical mistake referred to as the "Lost in Translation", by Molly Starr(Linus' undercover mother). After the Ocean's Twelve manage to successfully steal the Faberge-egg, Rusty tells Isabel Lahiri, that he knows where Isabel Lahiri's father(Gaspar LeMarc) is and Rusty and Isabel will visit Gaspar LeMarc at the end of the movie.

In Ocean's Thirteen, Rusty first appears masked up at night in the middle of a vault heist in Valencia, California. While in the midst of trying to breach the vault, assisted by at least 2 accomplices, Rusty gets a call from Danny about Reuben's dire situation. Rusty immediately leaves in the middle of the heist, heading straight for the airport and to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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