Terry Benedict is a casino owner who is the primary villain in Ocean's Eleven (2001), Ocean's Twelve although he plays something of a small role in Ocean's Thirteen.


The Benedict Job

The Bank Job

In Thirteen, Danny, Rusty and Linus (on his suggestion) approached Terry Benedict to negotiate on the funding of a replacement drill after the first one Danny's Crew were using broke down. Having a personal grudge with Bank and wanting to go at him, he agreed to fund them the 2nd drill, provided they also steal the 4 5-Diamond Necklaces from Bank's Hotel on top of doubling the initial $36 million used to invest on the drill. Later on he also oversaw through the rest of the operations.

During this time, he secretly also sent Francois Toulour to intercept the diamonds. Somehow, Danny and his Ocean's Eleven were already aware of his presence and caused Toulour to obtain fakes instead after Linus and his father swapped out the real diamonds.

As punishment in attempt of double crossing the Ocean's Eleven, Danny sent Terry's money payment for the drill, all $72 Million for charity, forcing Benedict to admit his philanthropy on TV.

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