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William Bank
Character information
Nationality American
Gender Male
Occupation Hotel-Casino Manager
Portrayed by Al Pacino
First appearance Ocean's Thirteen

William 'Willy' Bank is a very successful hotel-casino owner notorious for axing his business colleagues in order to establish more ownership of whatever business they were to jointly run. He is the primary Antagonist of Ocean's Thirteen.


Before the events of Ocean's Thirteen, Willy was formerly a business partner of Reuben Tishkoff. During a meetup, Willy forces Reuben to sign over ownership of the hotel-casino they were planning to build. His scandalous actions resulted in Reuben breaking down due to a heart attack. Daniel Ocean who later visited the build site gave William a choice to at least restored some share to Reuben, in which case he refused.

He also seemed to have a personal vendetta with Terry Benedict which was the reason why the latter (formerly the antagonist in Ocean's Eleven), also agreed to fund the replacement drill required for the operation and also jump in the operation while instructing Daniel's crew to steal the diamonds, not for himself but ultimately to destroy his reputation.

When confronted after the operation, Willy Bank was totally crushed by the theft of his diamonds and a speedy loss $500 Million in 3 minutes of the hotel-casino's money. Danny reminded him that because of Bank's illegal actions throughout the course of the film, he was unable to report to the police while in addition lost associates and some of his biggest players to Daniel.

Personality, appearance, and traits

Willy was described to Ocean and his crew by Terry Benedict as someone 'with no taste'. Moreover, he was a person of greed and ego which later proved to be his weakness which led to his down fall. Already losing some of the biggest players, he hesitated against ejecting Daniel out of the hotel for fear of losing more. Worst of all, he was somewhat of a perfectionist, that, like Terry Benedict, wants every feature, figure and member of his hotel and hotel staff precisely to his specification.


Willy Bank is played by Al Pacino in the third of the Ocean's Trilogy Series, Ocean Thirteen.


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